Off to an amazing start

This is the inaugural year for the Teton Storytelling and Arts Festival but that doesn’t mean we’re small potatoes ; )  We have several major, nationally known storytellers coming to headline our festival. When you add to that a lineup of award winning regional tellers, and music groups to add to the entertainment, this will be one of the best storytelling events in our area.

Don’t forget about our many  artists who will be here making, sharing, and selling art. We felt strongly that by combining these two art forms we would have a winning combination for our visitors. We’re new, but we’re destined to become one of the premiere festivals in the country.

We will be located at Riverside Park next to Rexburg Rapids. There will be a free shuttle on Saturday from two parking lots located on 7th South to help our visitors have adequate parking this busy weekend.

Sunday, August 20th 7-8:30 pm at our Tabernacle Civic Center, we will also have a Sacred Stories and Music night. Plan now to join us for this once in a lifetime weekend!

Our Team

We’re not a big group, but we know how to get things done. If you have any questions, one of us will get back to you right away.

Jackie S. Rawlins

Festival Director

Jackie joined the City of Rexburg as their Cultural Arts Director and Museum Curator in 2015. This new job has allowed her to combine two of her loves – art in all forms and the stories of the past. She is passionate about encouraging and supporting people displaying their talents. Jackie started in theatre, dance and singing show choirs at the age of 5. She is a mother of 6 children from the ages 5 to 23. Supporting them in their endeavors of theatre, music and art has always been a priority to her.  Jackie has volunteered the past 20 years in her communities, 8 of those here in Rexburg as a director and choreographer. She is thrilled to be heading up this new festival for Rexburg. Jackie has wanted to see an art festival to be hosted here for some time, and it just seemed natural to join it with the art of storytelling. Both genres touch our hearts and help us connect as human beings.

Rob Burns

Storytelling Liaison

Rob Burns’ spectacular mustache-growing abilities are just the physical manifestation of his storytelling prowess. Rob was raised running wild in the hills of Missouri and Tennessee. Although he miraculously survived his childhood, shed his accent, and adopted the West as his home, his roots are a big part of his love for storytelling. 

Fresh off his win at the Weber State Storytelling Slam, Rob brings his enthusiasm for stories to the stage as both a storyteller and one of the main organizers of the Teton Storytelling Festival. Rob loves to tell all kinds of stories, but his unique voice and love of the theatre lend themselves well to his personal and humorous tales. 

Rob calls Rexburg, Idaho home, where he harasses his wife and entertains his four children with his frequent tall tales. When he’s not storytelling, he spins yarns of science for biology students as an instructor at Brigham Young University—Idaho and performs in local theatre productions. 

Tisha Flora

Board of Directors

Tisha loves serving in her community. She has helped the community put in a special-needs playground, served on the local education foundation, arts council, and volunteers in schools and the community. Currently Tisha is serving on the Rexburg City Council, enjoys being the mother of 6 children, and in her spare time volunteers in her cofounded non-profit organization building wells and providing education in Burkina Faso, Africa.