Go ahead, beĀ in the dark

On August 21, 2017 most of North America will experience a full solar eclipse. It has been nearly 100 years since an eclipse totality has crossed the U.S. from coast to coast. Rexburg, Idaho is perfectly centered in the path and we will experience 2 minutes 19 seconds of total darkness! There really isn’t a better place to experience this historic event. What’s even better is that the Teton Storytelling and Arts Festival is just two days before the eclipse – Saturday, August 19. Plan now for an epic weekend; come to Rexburg for the Teton Storytelling and Arts Festival Saturday and stay for the eclipse on Monday.


Wondering what exactly storytelling is? Click on the links below to get a small taste of what we have in store for you at our festival:

Bil Lepp

Sam Payne